All writings are works in progress

  1. Tooling and feeling

    On our relationship to the tools that shape us, how machine intelligence understands, and the value in the human capacity for feeling.

    9 min read
  2. Provocation as praxis

    Considering the role of design in asking questions, not just providing solutions.

    5 min read
  3. The skin of the world

    How smart devices have transformed our sense of scale, blurring the boundaries between self and other.

    4 min read
  4. Thinking without feet

    How spatial metaphors and cognitive processes rooted in our embodied experience of the physical world help us comprehend and navigate digital worlds.

    5 min read
  5. Encounters with the past

    Exploring the tension between the practical and impractical, and how our perception of an object's value can be shaped by its context and history.

    4 min read