I'm Nathan, a digital designer figuring out the future of file-sending at WeTransfer in Amsterdam

The short tale

I enjoy connecting dots, interrogating concepts, and distilling complexity. For over fifteen years I’ve helped organisations from startups to global brands bring their ideas to life and connect humans through technology.

Most of the time this involves drawing lots of boxes in other boxes and calling it user experience, interaction, or product design. I currently do this idea-wrangling as a senior product designer at WeTransfer in Amsterdam, and formerly as creative director at Bliss in Manchester.

I value design that is intentional, honest, and self-reflective. You can read my (over)thinking about this in some of my essays.

Key work_ 1


Because WeTransfer is a beloved brand with tens of millions of monthly users, introducing interventions at scale can be extremely challenging, necessitating an in-depth understanding of user needs and desires, the delicate balancing of stakeholder interests, and a clear vision that we can iterate towards.

Since 2020, I've led several strategic research initiatives to help discover and develop new areas of product value. From a design ops perspective, I've consolidated multiple design systems and developed our accessible design maturity. Alongside discovery, I've redesigned subscriber onboarding flows and implemented iterative usability improvements that have touched almost every surface of the subscriber experience.

It's challenging, methodical work—but rewarding.

  • Snapshot of mobile and desktop onboarding and folder exploration designs for WeTransfer
  • Snapshot of workspace settings and transfer request feature designs
  • Industry SAAS
  • Relationship 2020–Present
  • Key Skills UX/UI design . Product strategy . User research . UX writing
Key work_ 2

The New Humanitarian

The New Humanitarian is one of the world's leading providers of quality, independent journalism and analysis that reflects on the stories of the millions of people affected by humanitarian strife around the world.

As creative director at Bliss, I led the redesign of their news platform, including an exhaustive overhaul to the information architecture (IA) of over 80,000 pre-existing reports. Besides managing the scale of this data, the platform is entirely CMS-driven and optimised for an extensive range of stress case (consider for example the journalists who must access the service using dated mobile devices in areas with poor internet connectivity in rural Africa).

Ongoing user and data-informed research helped us shape an iterative range of usability and UX enhancements that continue to boost the readership of reporting that impacts policy and saves lives.

  • Snapshot of mobile and desktop designs for the New Humanitarian website
  • Snapshot of mobile and desktop designs for the New Humanitarian website
  • Industry Non-profit
  • Relationship 2015–2020
  • Key Skills Creative direction . UX/UI design . IA . Front-end development
Key work_ 3

Argyll Holidays

I worked with Argyll Holidays for the best part of a decade at Bliss. After leading the original digital transformation project, I continued to provide design, digital strategy, research, and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) services.

The challenges that digital solutions attempt to address are seldom solved quickly. Being able to develop extensive knowledge of the tourism sector and craft a close, trusting working relationship with the Argyll team over many years enabled us to take risks and stay ahead in a market whose customers demand ever-better experiences and digital innovation.

  • Snapshot of the homepage and holiday booking pages of the Argyll Holidays website
  • Selection of mobile wireframes of the Argyll Holidays website
  • Industry Tourism
  • Relationship 2011–2020
  • Key Skills Creative direction . Digital Strategy . UX/UI design . CRO . Front-end development

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